Pastor Walter Thomas & Bernadette Thomas

Main responsibilities:
To provide spiritual leadership
To provide pastoral leadership
To provide outreach leadership
To provide administrative leadership

Number of years in Leadership: 7 years

Originally from: Ottery, Cape Town

Family information: Married to Bernadette since 2004 and we have 1 daughter – Sadie, 5 years old. My parents, Patrick & Retha, were the Pastoral couple of OBC for 26 years. My sister, Cindy & her husband Grant, with their daughter Mimi-Rose, live in Goedemoed where they serve the Lord in the local Baptist Church.

Fun Fact: Plays 7 different musical instruments (Jack of all…master of none) I’m the Cook & baker in the Thomas residence. I use every pot and pan available, but clean none.

Elder Ernest & Edith Fredericks

Ernest & Edith joined Ottery Baptist Church in 2006 and have been a great blessing to the Church family.

They have years of experience in Christian ministry and we have learnt much from their wisdom.

Ernest & Edith have been involved with our outreach ministries for many years, where they have preached to and fed the homeless on a weekly basis without fail.

Ernest is a great expounder of the word of God and constantly encourages the leaders and members in their Christian walk.

Elder Evaristus & Privalege Nguti

When Evaristus joined Ottery Baptist Church he could hardly speak a word of english.

He became a member in 2008 and has since completed his Bible studies at The Pat Kelly Bible College.

Evaristus has a passion for sharing the Gospel and has planted a church in the Youth Centre where he and his wife Privalege minister to the families within the centre as well as a few families from Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries.

Together they now run Messengers of Hope ministries.

Elder Tyrone Fenton

Main Responsibilities: Worship Leader, Mens Group Assistant Coordinator.

Number of years in Leadership: 12 years

Originally from: Grassy Park born and raised

Family Information: Husband to Amber Lauren Fenton and father of (Oden Son, PS stole this from Thor) Tyler Fenton.

Fun Fact: Dream job is being a postman or a soccer manager. I would love to travel the four corners of the earth.

Roy Lomberg

Main Responsibilities: Bookkeeper for OBC (6 years since 2013 – Current)

Number of years in Leadership: None – currently taken on as Deacon / Treasurer

Originally from: Athlone

Family Information: Husband to Linda, we have twin boys Lydon & Lucian

Fun Fact: Had the passion for medicine wanted to be a Medical Doctor, ended up doing Accounts/Bookkeeping. (The Lord has a sense of humour – {different form of figures}). Passionate about seniors.

Allison Lobo das Neves

Main Responsibilities: Secretarial duties & assist with AV

Number of years in Leadership: since 2014

Originally from: Ottery

Family Information: Married to Alfredo since 1987 and we have 2 adult sons; Rei & Chris.

Fun Fact: I enjoy gadgets & technology as well as cake decorating, although I’m still an amateur.

Ursula Kemp

Main Responsibilities: Admin Secretary

Number of years in Leadership: 1 year

Originally from: Grassy Park

Family Information: Single and blessed with a huge family church.

Fun Fact: Reading, I love people, gospel music, decor. My friends say I can turn R20 into R200.

Shirley Paulse

Main Responsibilities: I am a deaconess and willing to do anything I am asked to do.
My passion is to assist in the maintenance and repair of my church building.

Number of years in Leadership: 4 years

Originally from: Blomvlei Baptist

Family Information: Marlo and Tyler my kids. Grandson Jude and daughter in law Megan.

Fun Fact: I am a fun loving person and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Nigel  Witbooi

Main Responsibilities: WebSite Administrator, Maintenance Co-ordinator & Worship Team Member

Number of years in Leadership: None

Originally from: Grassy Park

Family Information: Married to Candice since 2007 and we are blessed with 2 wonderful boys, Eli & Ezra.

Fun Fact:  I love technology & learning new things. I go by the name “the optimizer” as I’m constantly trying to improve on existing processes to the benefit of everyone.