Pastor Walter & Bernadette Thomas - Pastoral Couple

Pastor Walter and his wife Bernadette have been members at OBC since 2001 and have been involved in various areas of ministry throughout the years. Walter attended the Cape Town Baptist Seminary where he completed his batchelors in theology. Walter has always been involved in all areas of ministry and is also involved with missions through International World Changers and recently spoke at Belmont University Chapel in Nashville, TN, USA. Bernadette is a wonderful support to Walter and also serves as the Sunday School Superintendent, is on the worship team and is the joint leader of the ladies department.

Ernest & Edith Fredericks - Eldership

Ernest & Edith joined OBC in 2006 and have been a great blessing to the Church family. They have years of experience in Christian ministry and we have learnt much from their wisdom. Ernest & Edith have been involved withour outreach ministries for many years, where they have preached to and fed the homeless on a weekly basis without fail. Ernest is a great expounder of the word of God and constantly encourages the leaders and members in their Christian walk.

Evaristus & Privalege Nguti - Eldership

When Evaristus joined OBC he could hardly speak a word of english. He became a member in 2008 and has since completed his Bible studies at The Pat Kelly Bible College. Evaristus has a passion for sharing the Gospel and has planted a church in the Youth Centre where he and his wife Privalege minister to the families within the centre as well as a few families from Zimbabwe and other neighbouring countries. Together they now run Messengers of Hope ministries.

Allison Lobo das Neves - Deaconess, Secretary

Allison is a cancer survivor having been diagnosed with mestastic melanoma in 1999 and told that she would be "lucky" if she lives another 5 years, but the Lord had other plans. Praise God. She was also a hostage in a bank robbery which the Lord miraculously brought all the bank staff through barring one minor injury. Allison has been with the Ottery Baptist church for a number of years and usually prefers to work "behind the scenes", but has recently taken on a few new roles namely assisting with the sound desk as well as Deaconess / Secretary.

Patricia Alberts - Deaconess

Patricia has a great servant heart which is evident in the way she cares for those around her. She runs our Encouragagram Ministry and sends out all our birthday & anniversary cards to those who are celebrating their special occasions. She's using her gifts, catering & decor abilities to assist us with the decoration of the Church when we have special functions.

Tyrone Fenton - Deacon

Tyrone transfered to OBC a few years ago and has been very involved right from the start. He has recently taken over as Worship Team Leader. He leads other parts of the service when necessary and has delivered some very blessed messages when preaching/leading us. Tyrone is also very involved in the missions work of International World Changers.

Ursula Kemp - Deaconess

Ursula Kemp visited Ottery Baptist Church before 2005 and stayed. She eventually became a member in 2007. Ursula is a very important cog in the running of the church having worked in the office, doing our admin/reception/secretary work and so much more, for a good few years already. Ursula always goes the extra mile to help anyone with anything and is a great encourager and will always greet you with a welcoming smile. She is also a Sunday School teacher and now a deacon for the second time.